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The Skywalk

Sky Walk is a virtual reality entertainment product developed by LiveRoom (Pvt) Ltd. As you step up to the plank, your heart rate increases. Your feet shuffle forwards and dust falls to the clouds below. The distant sound of traffic fights to break through the gusts of howling wind. You don't belong up here. The birds do. You know it's not real. Your friends aren't so sure. This is the ultra realistic experience that Sky Walk will be giving.


Roller Coaster

The best experience you can ever get of a roller coaster without actually getting in to one is with us at LiveRoom.If you ever had second thoughts of getting into a roller coaster but still wants to get the feel of it.It's not just the 360 view that makes the roller coaster the best in the island but also the other features that comes with it are what makes it real. A well detailed VR roller coaster ride is all you need for a wonderful few minutes of your life.


Mobile VR

Develop Your VR App for Mobile with LiveRoom


Green Screen Technology To VR



Sandbox Consultancy Services

Excel World Entertainment Park


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